Why do I feel lightheaded during an attack?

Feeling Lightheaded

Feeling lightheaded is a common, everyone has it from time to time. Generally lightheadedness somes from a drop in blood pressure, so the amount of blood going to the brain drops a bit. It could come from standing up to quickly or medications you are taking. Why only during panic attacks? Well, its probably from the amount of oxygen in your blood. When you have are having a panic attack, you begin to breathe shallow. This causes you to breathe faster, loading your blood stream with too much oxygen. The same feeling that you get when you are blowing up a balloon. You have to pace your breathing to make the feeling go away.

Next time you feel a panic attack coming, focus on your breathing. Try counting 1,2,3 on your inhale and 1,2,3,4,5,6 on the exhale. This way you will be breathing out twice as long as breathing in. After 30 seconds of doing this you will feel a change in your body.

Taking prescription drugs with alcohol and some fruit juices can also cause dizziness and vertigo. If you are on medication, make sure you read the labels on how to take it.

If you get dizzy all the time you may need to visit your doctor to get checked out.