Realizing How I Got Driving Anxiety

The first thing you need to do is realize what got you into this situation. What event or series of events made you afraid to drive or panic while driving? I can not answer this for you. Most people I have talked with know exactly when it started. Next thing you need to do is stop acting like its not happening. In hindsight, the biggest mistake I made during my ordeal was pretend like I was fine. I would hide my panic attacks in the company of others. If I drove to the mall with my wife and we hit a patch of traffic, I get worked up. To mask my attack, I would pull over and make up reasons why I did. “We need to get gas”, “I want to check out this music store”… Anything to get out of the traffic. It was especially hard to do when we were running late for an event. I played the “everything is cool” game to my own detriment. It actually caused my anxiety to get worse.

This is why you should sit down with a friend or loved one and explain what your feeling. Tell them everything so next time you are together driving you can let them know you are feeling uncomfortable. This is very important. Being able to voice yourself while having an attack helps ease the intensity. No longer will you have to keep the feelings pent up inside.